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From £120 Each Notice
Section 21 Notice &/or
Section 8 Notice &/or
Section 48 Notice
From £640 excluding
court fee
From £169 excluding
court fee
Instruct us to recover
money owed
From £150 to do a
Pre-Action Letter
Do you want to sue anyone
for any reason?

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To recover a County Court

Please contact us for
more details & to agree a fee

We are experts in debt collection service for landlords. We can trace a debtor/former tenant, we do LBA and money claim, we can also do debt recovery on your behalf.

To get your property back from your tenant you need to serve them with a section 8 notice. The notice advises them that you are looking to regain possession of your property and want them to leave the premises by the date outlined in the notice. Through our vast experience, most tenants will usually pay the outstanding amount or leave. This needs to be the first action a landlord takes when trying to evict a tenant. The section 8 notice starts the ball rolling from a legal standpoint and should be sent straight away.

We can produce a valid Section 8 Notice on your behalf and help you calculate the date the tenant must vacate the property.

Our team specialises in tenant eviction and has many years of experience helping landlords start their eviction process of their tenants. Our tenant eviction experts generate the Section 8 Notices and ensure they are legal and valid.


Trace – Trace a debtor or a tenant
To instruct us to trace a debtor or former tenant please email or call Landlord Web

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